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Jet Locksmith Business Rekey

A business rekey is beneficial for those who don’t want to replace locks and just need a different key to work in the lock. If you have a new employee and need to give them access to an office, but want a new key working in it so the previous employee doesn’t have access, then you can just rekey the lock. This is an option that saves time and money. Call Jet Locksmith when you need rekeying services for your business in Fort Worth, TX.

When to rekey your business

You should rekey your business when you don’t want the old key(s) working in the locks. In an office building, if you have a new business or employee that needs access to an office, you will need to rekey the lock so that a new key will work for them. If you are a landlord or property owner, when a new business occupies a space you would need to rekey the locks and give them the new keys. When you want a Master Lock System for your business, you will need to have rekey service. For any situation that you need your business or office rekeyed, call Jet Locksmith Fort Worth.

Master Key System

Master Key system works on having access at different levels. You can have as many levels as your business may need. The first level will have access to every lock. This means that you have a key that can open any door or office in the building. Then you can create different levels either buy business department, or just depending on who you want to have access to that specific door or lock. For example, you may have a second level for managers that will have access to their entire department, but not ever lock in the business. Then you can add another level that would be for employees. Maybe you want the employees to have access for their office only, so this would be considered another level. 

Just depending on the type of business and who you want to have access to what, Jet Locksmith will help you create your master key system.

Time it takes to rekey your business.

The time it takes for a business rekey will depend on many things. It depends on the type of lock, how many locks you need rekeyed, and if you are in need of a master key system. When the technician gets to your business he/she will see what needs to be done and give you an estimate of how long the rekey process will take.

Why choose Jet Locksmith Services to rekey your business?

Jet Locksmith Fort Worth is a licensed, professional locksmith company in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Rekeying is something that should be taken care of by a professional. To rekey a lock, a technician will need to change the pins inside the lock so that a new key will work in the lock. This is something that needs to be done by a locksmith and should not be done by yourself. Jet Locksmith has highly trained technicians with years of experience that can rekey any type of lock. When you need a trusted locksmith in Fort Worth, TX call Jet Locksmith at (682)478-2217!

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