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Can a locksmith make a car key without the original?

More often than not, cars play an undeniably major role in human lives. However, one’s car or vehicle won’t run without its keys. So if you don’t have your corresponding keys around because they are lost, stolen, or malfunction, you might need to take public transportation to attend to your errands or activities. This situation can be very hassling and inconvenient on your part as a car owner. Your car keys can greatly affect your everyday life.

When car keys are not working, most drivers enlist replacement services. Things are normally easier if they still have the original key. Before, this technical job can be very hard in case of misplaced or stolen ones. The good thing is, technological advancements have now expanded and the automotive industry greatly benefits from it. With modern tools and methods, automotive experts can now create car keys despite the absence of the original.

Your missing keys would no longer hinder you from acquiring newer ones. With the evolution of automotive locking and repair mechanisms, the possibilities are surely exponential. Read on to know more about this breakthrough.

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When You’ll Need New Car Keys

Because keys play an important part in our cars and lives in general, it is always better to be safe than sorry. You can go for different ways to maintain access to your cars. One of these mechanisms is having your car keys duplicated. With the help of spare car keys, you will never have to worry about where your original keys have gone. You can still access and control  your vehicle with extra working keys.

In terms of acquiring new car keys, some people literally overthink and opt for availing new keys if their keys are not around. However, availing this type of service should not always be the primary option. Although the process of making new car keys even without the original is now easier, you are obliged to opt for this process only if you have totally lost access to your original keys. This is where getting spare car keys becomes more logical.

You might really need new car keys for certain reasons. If your other working car keys are misplaced, you might need a simple key replacement. Other drivers cannot use their original keys because of its damaged components. For some, they broke it off in their car lock. Sometimes, these broken components are fortunately repairable. However, it is more likely for most cases to need to get a new car key made without the original. Oftentimes, it is important to assess the urgency and necessity of the situation first.

Most drivers who lack knowledge and information are off-handed in situations like this. They are contemplating whether they can avail key making services without their original car keys. If you are one of them, here is some good news for you: this is easily attainable.

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Who Can Help Create my New Car Keys

When faced with this kind of trouble, it is best to call a car locksmith. These practitioners specialize in lock or key replacement, repair, installation, and production for your vehicles. They can perform the best working solutions for your car key needs.

When it comes to the security of your cars, you cannot settle with low quality services out there. Sure, there may be a lot of available options to go for. Most of these places may be able to cater to your car’s needs, but it is better to choose the best among these promos and prices.

One important thing to consider when choosing the solution for your car is cost. You need to consider enlisting for services that can give value for your money. Too often, the price of having a new car key done for you without the original is based on other car locksmith promos. It is important to note that the cost of getting the job done by an automotive locksmith and your respective car key dealer is entirely different.

Amidst a long list of options, choosing a locksmith would still have to be the best decision. The next time you feel the need to undertake this service, it is better to hire the nearest mobile locksmith business. This allows their team to immediately cater to your new car key needs. They’ll be the one to arrive at your place in just a short period of time and get the work done.

Factors to Consider In Getting Your New Car Keys Done

1. Key Type

To make things easier and clearer, you should determine the type of key you have. This is imperative before contacting an automotive locksmith or car dealership service. You will be able to discern which type of business specifications you are going for. It also saves both of you and your hired professional’s time. Keep in mind that all cars have different specifications, as well as key designs. A car key is usually tied to its respective vehicle.

If you do not have the original set of keys with you, you can still know what type of keys your car has. Whether you need a traditional mechanical, transponder key, or a key fob replacement, do your best to familiarize yourself with your keys’ characteristics. As an owner, you are also expected to know the most suitable type of key for your vehicle. This way, you ensure that your car gets the right type of key and all the extra services it deserves. It is best to be knowledgeable yourself, even though expert locksmiths are there to assist you.

2. Replacement solution

Being the owner, you are also supposed to choose the replacement solution for your vehicle. As soon as you have identified the type of key your car has, determine the best possible solution to get your new car keys. If you have the right knowledge and tools, you can DIY. If not, you can discuss your needs with a car dealership through an appointment. The last, and probably the best option, is to call an automotive locksmith. 

From the aforementioned options, you need to consider a lot of other factors. Some of the factors include the cost or the length of time you can wait for the job to be done. Between the two, car owners most probably consider the first one. If you feel like you need a car dealership, feel free to do so. But commonly, availing automotive locksmith services is the most practical solution. You have the final say so choose whatever works best for you. If your original keys are gone and you need to get new ones, there is a lot more information about your vehicle and its keys.

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3. Car specifications

Whether you opt for an auto locksmith or car dealership service, they have to be informed on all your relevant car information. The next step you have to do is to gather all the necessary details of your car and keys. This is essential so everything they do is proportional.

This information must include your Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. This number is more crucial, especially if you don’t have the original keys around. Taking note of it is easy. You can find it yourself in your dashboard or engine bay. If you want to be more sure, just let the professionals check it. They need your VIN to make the appropriate keys for your car. Alongside are the right tools, equipment, and methods. To save working time, find your VIN by yourself if you can. Also, be ready to show your proof of ownership or other necessary identification cards. Locksmiths are obliged to look for these documents before performing any procedures. Both locksmiths and car dealerships will have access to your car’s key codes, helpful when the original car key is missing. It takes cooperation and mindfulness on your end as an owner.

4. Waiting period

This type of automotive service is usually a long, technical job. This is why all your car information and specifications must be crystal-clear. If you have already let a car dealership or locksmith take over, all that is left for you to do is to wait for everything to be set. Bear in mind that cases where the original keys are missing, require longer patience on your end as a client. Its procedures may be more time-consuming compared to other key-related services.

If you hire an automotive locksmith, things will be easier if your original keys are there. They can just copy your car key easily. However, the waiting time will be longer. Even though you are already armed with your car’s VIN, they will be able to create the right key for you by going into your car’s database.

Whether you avail a locksmith service or car dealership, confirm if your new keys need to be programmed to your car. Commonly, they can perform transponder key programming for latest car units.

Contact Jet Locksmith and Get Your New Keys Done

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