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Key and Remote Programming

Jet Locksmith Car Key and Remote Programming

A car’s anti-theft system makes sure the car is secure and that no one but the person with a key has access to the vehicle. The way this works is the key or the remote is programmed to the car so that the car recognizes only that specific key or remote. At Jet Locksmith Fort Worth, we are capable of programming the correct key or remote for your vehicle. Our technicians have years of experience with car key and remote programming, and have worked with all types of makes and models. If you are looking for a locksmith in Fort Worth, TX to program your car key or remote, give us a call today.

Programming your Transponder Key

A transponder key is used for the majority of vehicles today. You may recognize these keys as metal keys with a blackhead. These keys carry a chip inside the head that is programmed to the car so that it recognizes it is the correct key and turns on the ignition. The ignition receives a signal from the chip inside the key that it recognizes, and it will disalarm the anti-theft system and start the ignition. This works because the transponder key is programmed to the car using special equipment. Jet Locksmith Fort Worth has all the tools and equipment for programming your transponder key. We will make sure the correct key works in the ignition and is programmed so that your car will start. If your key was lost or stolen or you have a duplicate key that needs programming, we are able to help.

We will ensure that only the keys you have access to will be able to start the vehicle. The security of your car is important and you can only trust a licensed locksmith company, like Jet Locksmith, to program your transponder key. 

FOB Key or Push-to-start Key

Many newer vehicles use what’s called a FOB key, which allows the car to start without physically inserting a key into the ignition. Most times you will be able to start the car from the push of a button either inside the car or on the FOB remote. The FOB key remote looks like a remote for a car and inside has a chip and key. You don’t see the actually key and so this is most commonly known as a Keyless remote. It may have multiple functions like unlocking the car, opening the trunk, starting the car all from the remote. 

The FOB key uses a transmission signal from the chip in the remote to the vehicle that recognizes it and tell the car to perform a function. When the FOB is a certain distance from the vehicle, the car will pick up the signal and be able to start by pushing a button. In order for this key to work, it needs to be properly programmed to the vehicle by a professional locksmith. Jet Locksmith Fort Worth is able to program your FOB key to your vehicle. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge of all types of FOB keys and vehicles. They are equipped with the tools and technology to have your FOB key programmed to your car. When you need a FOB key programmed, give us a call today.

Car Remote Programming

If your vehicle’s remote has been lost or stolen or maybe you just want an extra remote, Jet Locksmith Fort Worth is here to help. A car remote will able to unlock and lock your vehicle with the push of a button. When the correct remote is programmed to the car, only it will have the function to disable the anti-theft system and unlock the car. This will allow only you to have access to the vehicle and be assured that no one can get into your car.

How long will programming take?

Programming a key or remote depends entirely on the type of car and the car’s security system. When you need your key programmed, we will send a technician to the location of the car so they can program it. Our technicians are well trained to correctly program any type of key or remote. With the latest tools and technology, they will be able to program your key or remote in just a matter of time. Our goal is not only to provide speedy service, but make sure you have the highest quality service. They want to make sure the key or remote works properly with the vehicle, and there are no faulty errors when they leave. When you need key or remote programming in Fort Worth or the surrounding areas, give Jet Locksmith a call today at (682)478-2217!

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