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Panic Bar Installation

Jet Locksmith Panic Bar Installation

Panic bars are installed in all businesses and buildings as a requirement by OSHA. Panic bar are installed in emergency exits because they automatically unlock the door when pushed. They are safety requirements and every business must have them. If you need a push bar installed or fixed in your business, call Jet Locksmith Fort Worth.

Professional Locksmith in Fort Worth, TX

Jet Locksmith is your most trusted locksmith in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. We are a licensed, professional company and are available when you need us. When you need an exit door installed or repaired in your business, only trust a licensed locksmith. It is required by the city to have panic bars and your inspection will not pass if it is not installed properly. No need to waste your time and money on someone you don’t trust. Call Jet Locksmith today to have your panic bar installed today.

Safety in your business.

A panic bar should always be installed properly to ensure the safety of employees and customers in your business. Panic bars are required for every emergency exit as a safety regulation in case that an emergency may happen. When you push a panic bar, the lock will automatically unlock and no key is required. The push bar is only installed on the inside of the door so you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking in. The panic bars may be installed with an alarm system that can be turned on to go off whenever the door is opened. This increases the safety of your business and alerts everyone in case of an emergency situation.

Reliable Locksmith Service

Jet Locksmith Fort Worth is your most reliable locksmith company in Fort Worth, TX. We are available when you need a panic bar installation or repair. Our highly trained staff and technicians are always available to help. Call us today at (682)478-2217 when you need panic bar installation for your business.

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