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Jet Locksmith Replacement Car Keys

When you need a replacement car key in Fort Worth, TX, call Jet Locksmith. We are your number one locksmith company for making replacement car keys. How will you know if you need a replacement key and not a duplicate key? When you don’t have another key that will work to turn on your car and need a whole new key. Perhaps you lost your keys, or they were stolen, or maybe the key broke in half. This would mean you need an entirely new key to be cut. Jet Locksmith Fort Worth is able to create a new key for you, whether it’s a metal key, transponder key, or smart key. Call us today if you are in need of a replacement car key.

What is the process of making a replacement key?

A key is made by cutting a blank that will work in your car’s ignition. Every type of vehicle has different key cuts as part of the car’s security. We obtain the cuts for a key by using your car’s VIN. This is the number of your car’s identity and no two vehicles have the same VIN. By using the VIN, we input it into our system along with the owner’s information and from there we can receive the key cuts for the vehicle. Once we have the correct key cuts, we use a special machine that will cut the key accordingly. When the key is cut correctly, it will unlock the vehicle and work in the ignition.

car key replacement

How long will it take a technician to make a replacement key?

The time it takes to create a replacement key will depend on the type of vehicle. Every vehicle has a different security system and may use a metal key, transponder key, or smart key. Most old cars will use a regular metal key. This key only needs to be cut and will start the car’s ignition. A transponder key uses an anti-theft security system and requires that the key be programmed to the car. A smart key will also need to program to the vehicle but is a little more difficult because most smart keys are able to start the car without inserting it into the ignition, so they will have higher security. When a technician gets to your location and assesses the situation, they will let you exactly what needs to be done and approximately how long it will take.

Why you should call Jet Locksmith Fort Worth?

As a licensed company, we provide you with the best, professional car locksmith service. Our technicians are experienced with all types of vehicles to make you a replacement key. We are equipped with the latest tools and technology to make sure that your key starts your car. We are also a mobile locksmith service, to be of help when you need us. Jet Locksmith is your most trusted locksmith company in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. We will always come to your location and you will never have to tow the car. If you take your car to the dealership, they will overcharge you and you may have to tow your car to them if the key needs to be programmed. When you are in need of a replacement car key, give us a call today at 682-478-2217!

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