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Jet Locksmith Vault and Safe Unlock

If you have a safe or vault that you need access to but have lost the keys, call Jet Locksmith. Old or new, we can unlock it for you. The purpose of a safe says it all in the name. A safe is locked in order to keep something secured with only the access of a key or a combination. If you have lost the key, forgot the combination, or maybe had a safe passed down in your family that has been locked for years, we are here to help get it open. When you need a safe or vault to unlock in Fort Worth, TX, give us a call at (682)478-2217.

Call a professional.

A professional locksmith is needed to open a safe or vault, even though you may think that you can gain access yourself. At Jet Locksmith Fort Worth, our technicians have years of experience opening all types of locks. Technicians are equipped with the proper tools in order to unlock a safe, so damage won’t be done and you won’t hurt yourself. There are different techniques when opening a safe or vault, and only when the technician sees it can he best assess how to gain entry. Some safes are so secure that they must be drilled in order to get them unlocked. In any case, a technician will do all he/she can not to damage the safe, but if it is necessary they will always get your consent first.

How long it takes to open a safe.

There is no telling how long it will take to open a safe. Our technicians are highly trained to open any type of safe and will do so that there is no damage caused unless necessary. The time to unlock a safe will depend on the type of safe. The majority of the safes use a similar mechanism and can either be opened by a combination, electronically or with a key. If the safe unlocks with a key, the technician will use tools to pick the lock, which usually doesn’t take too long. A combination or electronic safe may take longer due to the high security of the lock.

The technician will assess the safe and see the best possible way to gain entry to the safe. Before opening the safe, the technician is required to go over with you the process and must get your approval if there may be damage in order to unlock the safe. Then from there, they can give you an estimated time of how long it may take to open the safe.

Reliable Safe Unlocking

Jet Locksmith is a licensed, professional locksmith company in Fort Worth in the surrounding areas. When you need a safe or vault unlocked, you should never call someone you don’t trust. Calling an unlicensed locksmith puts you and your possessions at risk. Inside a safe is always something important, or else it wouldn’t be in such a secure spot. There are criminals out there who have a hobby of picking safes and you would never want to have a company you don’t know try and unlock your safe. Jet Locksmith is a trusted company and you can be sure that you will always receive the best service. We would never send someone to you that was not qualified for the job. Call us today when you need a trusted locksmith in Fort Worth to open your safe or vault.

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