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Smart Lock Vs. Traditional Locks; Here Is What You Need to Know About Both of Them!

1. Difference Between the Functioning

Traditional locks are locked or unlocked with the help of a key. They have pins inside them, and depending on what side the key is turned, they lock or unlock the door. These locks have been used for years and provide satisfactory security, but people have started realizing their drawbacks over time. Do you have traditional locks installed on your doors? Well, it’s time to put into perspective their disadvantages. One major negative aspect of traditional locks is that you have to carry a key at all times, and if you forget or lose your key, you have to call a locksmith to help you create a new one. With traditional locks also comes the responsibility of rekeying. To ensure you are safe, and the key you may have lost isn’t used to enter your house by a stranger, you have to rekey, which also requires a locksmith. 

Smart locks are taking the security market by storm with their elegant design and efficiency. There are a number of smart locks to choose from; for example, there are ones that get unlocked by fingerprint or a code. People prefer smart locks because you don’t have to carry around a key, and there is no room for worrying about losing or forgetting it. All you need is just a code to unlock your door. The convenience attracts people. Doesn’t the idea of not carrying a bunch of keys sound good? However, they also come with their negative aspects. For example, just like any other technology device, there is a chance that these smart locks may get hacked and that would leave your house or office completely unprotected.

2. Security of Both the Locks

The biggest question that people ask is, which lock provides more security? Even though there is no correct answer to this question, there are pros and cons to traditional and smart locks. 

Traditional locks have been used for decades and are still being used, and they provide adequate security. Even though they are simple and no complex mechanism is used, they still protect one’s property. However, the downside of traditional locks is that they are prone to get picked. Hence, it’s not a challenge for burglars to easily pick a lock. Even though there are anti-snap and anti-pick locks, there is only limited protection that they offer.

On the other hand, we have smart locks. These smart locks, however, completely eliminate the chances of being picked, but they have their own set of drawbacks. As there are many different types of smart locks, they all have different problems. But the more general ones are that they can get hacked. 

As smart locks are an invention of modern world technology, they are advanced, but breaking through them isn’t that difficult for an experienced hacker. They can easily invade the systems of smart locks and unlock the door that leaves the house or office with no security. Although home burglars usually don’t plan an invasion, they usually take advantage of the opportunity if there is one.

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3. Convenience

Another factor that is taken into consideration when smart and traditional locks are being compared is convenience.   

Traditional locks are considered less convenient than smart locks. To unlock or lock a door with a traditional lock, you need a key, and the hassle of miss placing or forgetting a key is too much. But that is not a problem when it comes to smart locks because all you need is a code, a fingerprint, or your device needs to be connected to the lock. Whereas if you lose a key, you can easily get any locksmith to help you out, but with smart locks, one always needs an extremely professional locksmith who understands the specific smart lock to help you if you get locked out of your house.


After looking at all the facts, we don’t really get an answer if one lock is better than the other one, but we do understand that both a smart lock or a traditional lock will cater to our needs. There is no exact answer about which lock is better or safer, but you can choose which one would work the best for you. We at Jet locksmith provide all the locksmith services in Fort Worth to make sure that our customers’ needs are fulfilled.  

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