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Top 8 Tips on How to Make Home Safer in 2021

It may be exciting to move into a new house in Fort Worth, Texas, but taking safety precautions to make the home safer can be challenging. The burglary cases are increasing day by day, and according to FBI data, burglaries in the US occur every Thirty seconds. This data is really alarming for any homeowner.

But you need not worry about this as we have come up with a few tips that will surely deter intruders from breaking into your home in Fort Worth, Texas.

1. Make your Windows and Doors secure

One of the simplest and best ways to protect your home from intruders is by locking your doors and windows. Often, burglars look for easy targets, such as windows or doors that are unlocked. Keeping them locked is a good practice, even when you are home. Double-check the safety of your first-floor window and doors before you leave the house.

Additionally, you can use some devices to keep an eye on your entryways, including door/window sensors that know when doors and windows are left open.

2. Install New Locks on your Doors

If you don’t have a high-quality lock on your doors and windows, locking them may not be enough. As a first step, make sure that the exterior doors are secured with deadbolts so that intruders will have a difficult time breaking in. If you remain vigilant, ensure the frame of your doors and the hinges are strong enough to resist a break-in. Older doors, or exposed hinges, pose unnecessary risks. Furthermore, you can upgrade to smart locks, which can be operated remotely. Jet Locksmith is the best choice for you if you are looking for a professional handler to install new locks on your doors.

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3. Install a Home Security System

You can prevent intruders from entering your home by installing a home security system, which also alerts you if a break-in has occurred. An unprotected home is three times more likely to be broken into if it lacks a security system.

In addition to alerting you when someone is breaking into your house, home security systems can also prevent theft. Motion sensors and security cameras keep you informed of movement in your yard or on your porch, and door/window sensors let you know if someone is inside your house. Security system installed by the Jet Locksmith can also alert Law enforcement agencies on your behalf. 

4. Use Wearing Signs  

Whenever burglars look for easy targets, they don’t want to expose themselves to the possibility of being attacked by a Dog. A warning sign for “beware of dogs” can be a good investment, even if you don’t have a dog. You may want to go the extra mile by installing fake security cameras near your back entrances or leaving a dog bowl by your side door to scare away potential burglars.

5.Pretend like Someone’s at Home

Try to pretend to say goodbye as you leave the house in the morning, even if you are the last to leave. It will likely make them think twice about breaking in (to anyone watching) since it would seem as though someone is at home.

6.Make sure your garden is secure

Although it is easy to climb over a locked gate, it is difficult to do so without drawing unwanted attention. People who have to crawl into your garden are probably the ones who don’t belong to you. 

There are many valuables in sheds and garages, including tools, vehicles, and other valuables that may be used to gain entry to your home. If a door cannot be locked with a key, it should be secured with a large padlock, and all of the keys should be kept in the house.

It is important for landlords to work closely with their tenants to ensure they are aware of potential risks and how they can keep their gardens secure.

7.Illuminate your Home Premises

Criminals, such as vandals and burglars, don’t like to be in the limelight. Ensure you have enough outdoor lighting to keep bad people away. Lighting should be placed in your front and back yards, along pathways, and near garages and other exterior structures. Besides making intruders nervous, you’ll also lessen the chances of a trip on the front steps.

8.Turn Off your Wi-Fi network

Personal and financial information is accessible through your home wireless network. Automated home systems are also prone to break-ins, so you should take extra precautions. If people can gain access to your home through Wi-Fi connected devices or your security system, it could lead to a break-in.

Making your home safe should be your top priority; if you are looking for professional home safety services, then Jet Locksmith should be your No#1 Choice. 


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